East Paulding Senior Pictures Review {Kelly}

My ultimate goal is to not only give each senior and their family gorgeous images, but to also give them the best senior portrait experience as well!  I love getting reviews from both seniors and moms, here is what Becky (mom of Kelly, a recent senior) had to say about their senior portrait session with me-

Overall how was the Senior Experience? Did it meet, exceed or was it below your expectations?

On a scale of 1 to 10, the whole experience is a 12! It exceeded in many ways. From the first email from Lori, it was completely a beautiful experience-start to finish. I have never felt so secure in my decision to book Lori Waddell Photography.

Were you happy with your hair and makeup? Is there anything that could be improved with the process? Were you able to communicate clearly the look what you wanted and were they able to achieve that?

Since I’m the mom, I was totally loving this experience for my daughter. She was beaming all the time, I knew she was very happy with her hair and makeup and that brought me soo much PEACE! we have gone through some “bad” makeup people, and was a bit nervous, and within minutes of meeting Nisha, all our fears were gone! Nisha did a fabulous job on Kelly’s makeup. she took her time, was very professional, was fun and entertaining. She oozes with passion for what she does. She continually mentioned how all she wants to do is “makeup”. she was very complimentary to Kelly, as any teen loves to hear nice comments. Kelly felt soo beautiful. She was beautiful. Nisha picked the correct colors for Kelly and made her special features even more special! The makeup lasted the entire day, so Kelly was soo thankful for that. Her lipstick only needed minor touchups during the day, but stayed well. Loved the eye shadow on Kelly to bring out her pretty brown eyes and long lashes. Nisha is someone we will use again in the future. Kristin did a beautiful job on Kelly’s long hair! it’s not easy! When we try to curl…it never holds. Kelly’s long waves lasted all day! They fell just perfectly for all the shoots. I loved how she teased her hair in the back and on the sides to make it look more full. She knew exactly what Kelly’s hair needed and understood exactly what Kelly wanted. I was soo pleased with Kristin and her attention. She is very sweet. I enjoyed the time with them and they made Kelly feel comfortable and very special.

How did you feel during the photoshoot-were you comfortable, having fun, etc.? Was there enough direction throughout the photoshoot? If you were unhappy with anything, please explain

I did not witness all of the photo shoot as I let Lori, Kristin and Kelly “do their thing”. But I know it went well! Kelly would be beaming and smiling ear to ear and say “show my mom the pics!” she was happy, I was happy. We are so proud of Kelly and I’m happy you spent so much time with her making her special day a memorable one. I was very comfortable, and trusted Lori to take Kelly where they needed to go. It was a very easy going feeling, no stress! For having a senior, a moment like this, is comforting. I was having soo much fun! I helped Kelly with her “change of clothes” and I felt like a movie star helper! I said in the car “I could do this for a living”. It’s really fun. I loved seeing the new places that Lori picked out for the shoot. It was awesome that Lori had the “skpe” to “get to know you”. Like I said previously, each step was well thought out and made us not worry about a thing. From Lori taking the time to Skype with Kelly and listening to all of our questions and answered every concern. It was fun getting to know Lori as well, and also Lori taking us to Altar’d State and helping Kelly with the clothes. That was a fun evening as well! Lori has an “eye” for more than just photography. From clothes trends, what not to wear, what goes with what, to jewelry, to makeup, to where to shop! She is awesome, you can just let her “take the wheel”. She knows what she is doing! Lori always answered my emails or texts promptly when I know how busy she is. I appreciated that she made my daughter shine.

Would you have your pictures taken again with Lori Waddell?  Absolutely!

Would you recommend Lori Waddell to your friends? Most definitely!

How did you feel about the pictures? Were they what you had expected? How did your mom feel? If you were not happy, please explain.

I have not seen them in person yet, but the ones I’ve seen on her camera looked wonderful! They were more than what I expected. I had been on her website many times looking at all the beautiful girls and photos and scenery…and I guess thought “hope ours come out this nice”. and Lori took some awesome pics that I could see with such interesting and unique backgrounds. Lori knew exactly what she wanted with each outfit and her “vision” is really something!

Add your own words about the senior experience here-

As I stated above, the whole experience was such a pleasure, from beginning of setting up the shoot until the shoot was over.

I want to thank Becky for taking the time to share her review about the whole senior experience with me. I really enjoyed photographing Kelly for her senior portraits, she is such a sweetheart, just like her mom.  Here is one of the images of Kelly from our session. She has such gorgeous brown eyes and auburn hair, isn’t she just stunning!

East Paulding Senior pictures Dallas


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