Meet the Team


Hi there! I am Lori, the one that will be photographing your Luxe Session!  Thank you for your interest in our business and taking the time to read a little about our team.  Shortly after starting my photography business in 2009, I found my true calling when photographing seniors.  Not only did I choose to specialize in seniors, I wanted to offer a customized experience that no one else in the area was offering, and that is when the Boutique Experience was born! I love being able to provide this type of luxury to seniors and moms who will always remember this special time in their senior’s life.

You can expect to have a completely relaxed photography session with us, it is all about having fun!  My goal is being able to evoke and capture your real emotion while providing a memorable experience.

Random facts about me: I can’t live without yoga pants, coffee, and my phone, but coffee first though! If you find out that I have left my house without liquid hand sanitizers, wet ones, etc., please call someone for help.

This dynamic duo will be taking care of you on your special day! Working with Kristin and Nisha has been such a huge asset to our Boutique Experience, our seniors absolutely love being around these two! You will leave their studio (after kissing the moose of course!) feeling absolutely beautiful and completely relaxed and ready for your big day! To read more about Kristin and Nisha’s story, visit their website A Glamour Affair

Random Facts from Kristin and Nisha:  “We aggravate (but we do love) each other so much we’re more like sisters!” BTW Kristin’s first client was Barbie. Nisha, on the other hand survived a Category 5 hurricane in Mexico and lived for weeks in her underwear.  She also represented herself in traffic court on a bogus littering charge and won. Well, that’s Nisha!

To read about our boutique sessions, please visit the link HERE